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Further to the ongoing developments, relating to the attempts to limit the spread of Covid-19, CanTalk has made the decision to close all Face to Face meeting Cancer Support Community Groups until further notice, in the best interests of the health and safety of both volunteers and attendees. However we are opening an alternative On-Line Support Community Group.

Information on how to join CanTalk on-line Community Group is listed below;


The CanTalk on-line Cancer Support Group is to provide a safe, confidential, supportive environment to talk through fears, worries and anxieties, with tears and laughter, sharing with others on a similar journey, supported by trained facilitators with empathy and understanding. The idea is to replace and in-time compliment the face to face Group meetings we had been holding before the COVID pandemic.

How does it work?    

  • The group is facilitated by CanTalk trained volunteers.
  • Groups are limited to 10 people.   [7 participants and 2 volunteers and 1 technical moderator.]

  • The meeting will run for 60 minutes.

  •  The moderator will start the meeting on zoom, invite the facilitators in and change each facilitator’s zoom name to CanTalk Facilitators First name. The moderator will then invite all attendees from the virtual waiting room, having validated their link and then lock the meeting 10 minutes after the opening of the meeting.

  •  Groups take place via Zoom. Zoom complies with online medical standards.

       If you do not have a zoom account, you will need to follow these two steps to take part in the programme:

          1.       Create an account with Zoom (click here to sign up for a Zoom account)

          2.       Download the Zoom Desktop Client to your PC (click here to download Zoom)

Please note, CanTalk is unable to offer technical support when it comes to setting up your account and PC.  However, Zoom have an online help centre for additional information and technical support, which you can access here.


Meetings will be held on Tuesday evenings starting at 7.30pm.

The Community Support Groups will be as follows;

  • 1st Tuesday of each month: We call this the Cancer Warriors Community Group. It is for any adult diagnosed with cancer, newly diagnosed, in treatment, in remission, cured or with a life limiting diagnosis.
  •  2nd Tuesday of each month: We call this the Cancer Carer Community Group. It is for parents, spouses, partners, family, friends, colleagues and carers supporting someone with cancer.
  •  3rd Tuesday of each month: We call this the Cancer Bereavement Community Group. It is for any adult bereaved through cancer, and at any stage of bereavement process. Sometime members move from group 2 to group 3 if they have suffered a loss through death of their loved one. Be sure that you will be supported.
  • 4th Tuesday of each month: ‘TIME FOR TRANQUILLITY.’ 45 minutes of Mindfulness for any adult affected by cancer. Suitable for any members from of the Community Groups above, as well as past attendees and adults who have not attended, or don’t wish to attend any of our other groups. All welcome to an hour to relax from the busyness of the world and to stop and quieten your mind and body.

How do I take part?

As before, choose the Community Group that applies to your own needs. To meet the growing demand and accommodate people, we are asking that you book your place for your chosen Community Group. 

Please only book a place if you intend to log in and use that place, since they are limited.


We thank you for your participation and for the support you are giving and receiving during the meetings. 

If you find that you cannot attend, it would be helpful if you emailed to cancel your booking so that someone else may use the place. 

What happens? 

When you arrive at a Support Community Group, you are initially greeted by a CanTalk Moderator Volunteer who will then introduce you to the CanTalk volunteer facilitators. The facilitator opens the meeting, providing an overview of what you can expect.  

Once you have booked a meeting it is important you join your chosen Community Group on time. The meeting will be locked after 10 minutes to avoid interruptions and anyone after that time will lose the opportunity to join in.  

Facilitators introduce themselves by their first name only and invite all attending to do likewise. The meeting is declared open to anyone who would like to share. Someone in the group shares their thoughts and feelings. To gain understanding for the group, a facilitator may ask some questions to clarify what has been shared. The facilitator asks the person sharing if they want feedback from the group and if so, opens to the group for their thoughts and support. A facilitator briefly summarises any options offered by the group before inviting others to share.

A proactive approach is used throughout the meeting in which participants can express emotion, acknowledge feelings, question thoughts and beliefs and focus on helpful actions they can take.


All Support Community Group attendees agree to keep everything that is said and takes place at the meeting completely confidential. This is essential in allowing each person the safety to express whatever he or she would like to say. You may change your zoom name onscreen if you wish to do so. You will be expected to have your camera on at all times during the meeting, your photo image will not suffice, as the facilitators need to see you for safety reasons.


Information provided by service users is kept confidential, except in specific circumstances where risk arises; i.e 

•         When a person seems in distress, or unwell and drops out suddenly.

•         When a person has immediate plans to harm themselves or others

•         When there is information that you or a child is at risk of, or has in the past been subjected to, harm/abuse/neglect 

In these cases, CanTalk will use the information you have provided to work towards keeping you and/or others safe.

Respectful and supportive environment

To ensure a positive experience for all, we ask the below, which is part of group rules:

·         Participants and facilitators have respect for each other’s time by being punctual, arriving and finishing the meeting on time, as well as allowing all group members time to share, if they wish. Most meetings last 60 minutes.

·         To be tolerant and respectful of one another and acknowledge differing opinions.

·         To avoid mentioning doctors, hospitals and medications by name, as what suits one person may not suit another.

·         To be mindful that everyone attending has the opportunity to contribute but no-one will ever be forced to do so.

·         Confidentiality is important for all and we request that no recording takes place. For GDPR rules CanTalk will destroy all records associated with registrations, invites and bookings for each meeting.

* Please note that anyone who has consumed alcohol or used other recreational drugs will be asked to leave. CanTalk reserves the right to refuse admission.



Cancer Support Group,

We wish to thank all our volunteers, both past and present, who give their time so generously. Thank you to Le Cheile Mallow for giving us their superb facilities to work from, and last but not least, we wish our service users peace and hope on their journeys with cancer. Here is to the coming year on our journey.

In answer to our most frequently asked question;

We are an independent charity,  Registered Charity Number (RCN) is {20142247} with the Charity Regulation Authority of Ireland. We do not receive any financial support from other bodies, Government or otherwise and rely on donations. 

Our focus is to provide a safe, confidential, supportive environment to talk through fears, worries and anxieties, with tears and laughter, sharing with others on a similar journey, supported by trained facilitators with empathy and understanding.

Groups run on an open basis so there is no obligation to attend every session and 


 You can contact us by email from our contact page or call / text 089 239 0863

At this very difficult time in your life, when you may be feeling isolated, afraid, confused, angry, sad, worried: 


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