CanTalk is an approved Charity through the Charities Regulator, Our Registered Charity Number is (RCN) 20142247

All our facilitators are volunteers, most affected by cancer in one way or another, 

we follow Garda vetting rules, most of us have undertaked either an ASSIST or SafeTALK courses 

plus we carry out our own in house facilitator training.

The Governance Code was formally retired on 8th July 2019 by the Charities Regulator. However please note that in November 2018, it published a new Charities Governance Code with which all charities will be expected to start reporting their compliance by 2021.

We have completed training courses in and are currently working through the new 52 page code with its various sections and new Charity Regulatory Authority Protocols. We are confident and pleased to say we already comply in full. The final document is too large for us to post however we understand that when formally reported it will be available through the Charities Regulator.  We will keep the old code on display here as the principles remain integral to CanTalk.