With Cancer you may need to take time from work, sometimes for long periods, resulting in lost income while you have treatment and recovery. It is for this reason it is essential that CanTalk offers a Free service for all.

We are therefore very grateful for all support and donations. If you wish to donate please either donate directly into our CanTalk account at Mallow Credit Union, Mallow or through the ifundraise link below; 

Please note that none of our volunteers are paid for any expenses they might incur for travel or other personal costs in the course of volunteering for CanTalk; however we do cover volunteer mileage for third party presentations or training services away from Mallow and extra to the normal service of CanTalk. It should also be noted that these third party presentations make a donation to CanTalk and the volunteers take no payment and or gift personally. We also usually give a token present to anyone who makes a presentation for one of our free events held on a 5th Friday. Such token presents comprise a €50 euro gift voucher and or a bunch of flowers. Often the people giving such presentations have done so in their own time, travelled some distance, prepared a presentation and some include free samples. We consider their generosity outweighs the token present  we give in return.